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Nobody wants to be stuck when it's snowing. You need a safe walkway and a cleared driveway, so you can get to work on time. Otter Creek Landscapes of Wellington, is always ready to help you with its ice melt applications, plowing, and shoveling.


Your land can benefit in many ways if you eliminate brush, stumps, and other debris. If you are a farmers and a rancher, tree shearing and pasture clearing would be on top of your priority list. With our help, you'll get prompt, reliable service that lets you put your land to the best use possible.

18 Years Of Experience In Winter Care

  • Snow removal

  • Shoveling sidewalks or driveways, and plowing

  • Ice melting applications

  • Tree shearing

  • Pasture clearing

  • Clearing the trees for farmer and ranchers

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Shoveling Snow removal Soil